Leather Stylish Shoes

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 24.1-24.7  38  5 - 5.5
 24.8-25.4  39 - 40  6 - 6.5
 25.5-26.0  41  7 - 7.5
 26.1-26.7  42  8
 26.8-27.4  43  8.5 - 9
 27.5-28.0  44  9.5 - 10
 28.1-28.7  45  10.5
 28.8-29.4  46  11
 29.5-30.0  47  11.5 - 12

Elegant And Stylish

We combined between simple stylish looks and breathable performance to keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day!

No matter which color or pants you are wearing, this pair will definitely fit your outfit for any occasion, you'll find yourself reaching for these shoes over your favorite sneakers.

Fits All Occasions

A pair of shoes that doesn't compromise on comfort or appear too formal for everyday occasion, these shoes perfectly combine casual style with that of an ultra-comfortable and supportive orthopedic shoe.

These shoes will have you stepping in style without subjecting your feet to a cramped, stiff, and unsupportive fit.

Comfy Experience

Besides its stylish look, imagine what it would be like to walk all day without thinking about feet painsthis pair of shoes utilizes a cushion-like, double-padded foam insole that will make you feel like walking on a pillow thanks to its characteristics of softness and strong compression resistance.

You can rest assured they'll never feel stuffy or too tight, even when paired with your thickest pair of dress socks.

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